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The Obamacare health insurance law, officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is effective from 2010. Under its provisions, you can get subsidized healthcare coverage from insurance providers despite your having lower monthly income or being jobless.

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The main objective of the Obamacare Act is not to do away with private health insurance but rather it provides buyers with more options for getting healthcare coverage at affordable premiums. Apart from state’s marketplace, people have the chance to shop health cover outside it.

However, if a buyer is in the 100% to 400% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) range then his first option has to be the state’s marketplace as it is the only way in which he can qualify for subsidies on premium.

Obamacare health insurance open enrollment for 2016 has ended. But you can still have a chance to enroll now if you had: Over 12 million Americans enrolled for 2016. Click here to Apply Now.

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List Of Protections And Benefits Offered Under Obamacare Health Insurance

With changes effected to the rules and regulations that apply to health insurance Obamacare or Affordable Care Act, it could be possible to secure the following the below mentioned list of financial protections and benefits.

All Americans Have To Buy Health Insurance

The Obamacare or Affordable Care Act makes it mandatory for Americans to buy healthcare coverage if they can afford it or else pay tax penalty.

Insurers Cannot Deny Health Cover To Buyers

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Buyers Can Shop State’s Online Marketplace

Buyer can visit state’s online marketplace to shop for low cost health insurance cover despite his having lower level of monthly income or being jobless.

More Primary Doctors To Co-Ordinate Healthcare

As millions of Americans will now get insured for health, funds have been provided for training primary care doctors for better co-ordination of healthcare facilities.

Essential Benefits Provide Minimum Coverage Level

It has always been our effort to find ways which can meet the expectations of our valued customers and to ensure that, we even make use of scientific methods for supporting improvements at reduced costs.

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Advantages Of Buying Obama Care Health Insurance Plan

  • Increased Number of Americans Now Have Health Insurance
    It is estimated that within the next 5 years of the Affordable Care Act becoming effective, over 16 million Americans will have access to health coverage.

  • Health Insurance Will Be Affordable For Many American Citizens
    Law mandates that insurers must now spend 80% of premium amount on medical care and ensuring improvements without hiking premiums, clients also have more number of options to choose from.

  • More Screenings As Well As Preventive Services Included
    The ACA aims to cover up costs incurred on screenings and preventive services that usually, have low deductibles or co-pays. This can help in avoiding any major complications later on.

  • People With Pre-Existing Health Conditions Can Get Coverage
    With the ACA in action, people, who have some pre-existing medical conditions, cannot be denied healthcare coverage by insurers just because the illnesses are being covered under some other plans.

  • No Limits Have Been Prescribed For Receiving Protection
    People with chronic health problems have some reason to cheer about as insurers cannot impose monetary limits on the amount of money they can spend on treatments of their illnesses.

  • ACA Promise To Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable
    The number of people, especially senior citizens, who consume prescription as well as generic drugs has been steadily increasing each year and the ACA promises to bring those costs down.

Getting Health Insurance Under Obama Care -Who Is Eligible For Enrolment?

Any U.S. citizen, who fails to qualify for Medicare plan, can get health insurance through Obama care through state’s marketplace or private exchanges. Nevertheless, every person may not be eligible to receive subsidies. You can sign up for CHIP or Medicaid through marketplace.

If employer is offering health insurance cover then you can sign up through workplace. But Medicare eligible persons must sign up separately. Consult an expert to learn more about your chances of getting benefitted with the Obama care health insurance coverage today. To get started, act now!

We assist individuals and families to find most affordable Obamacare health insurance policies with maximum benefits.

Information That You Will Need To Apply For Obama Health Care Insurance

At the time of filling out an application for Obama care health insurance, you need to keep the below mentioned information ready with you.

  • Last year’s income tax details.
  • Details of your household medical history and existing health insurance policies covering all household members.
  • Social Security Numbers (document numbers in case of immigrants).
  • Information relating to employer as well as income of each member of household who is in need of coverage.
  • Information on whether you or your spouse in covered under employer’s health insurance cover.

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