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Frequently Asked Questions

A health insurance is an agreement between insurer and buyer wherein the former is liable to pay expenses incurred on medical treatments. To grant healthcare coverage, insurance provider will charge premium on a monthly or annual basis. Buyer can get cover in the form of an individual, group or family plan.
Preventive health checkups and medical treatments have become highly expensive these days. To that effect, if you get a healthcare coverage, you need not worry as you have financial protection for expenses that will get incurred during the aftermath of an eventuality. Today it is possible to find cashless health covers.
A deductible is a monetary amount which is paid upfront every year for receiving health services prior to starting of actual coverage. A co-payment is a fixed amount paid for every medical service. And a co-insurance refers to fixed percentage and not the fixed amount that buyers pay for each service.
If you have low monthly income, you can check your eligibility to get benefitted with the Obamacare health insurance plan which has a subsidized premium. You can also determine your qualification for Medicaid or the Childrens Health Insurance Plan.
If you are not covered by your employer’s health insurance plan then you can purchase healthcare cover from your state’s marketplace or exchange and secure advance premium tax credit. While you will have to decide how much money you will pay towards premium every month premium discount will get deducted from the federal income tax.
Online processes are fast and ensure quick responses thereby enabling buyers to save time as well as money during their effort. Besides, online shopping is totally safe as websites which help people to shop free quotes have security features that make it impossible for anybody to access buyers’ personal information.
The main reason why individual or family health insurance is cheaper than group insurance policies offered by employers is because of the type of underwriting processes involved in either of these variants. Insurers prescribe coverage limits or deny healthcare coverage based on buyers’ health status. Besides, individual or family health insurance covers have much higher deductibles thereby lowering premium levels.
Health insurance companies ask questions pertaining to current health condition of every individual to be covered under a policy and based on the information that buyer provides, they decide the level and extent of coverage which can be offered or denied to each member of a family and premium chargeable.
Premiums charged for health insurance policies provided to younger persons are lower than those charged for older people. Gender might not have any impact on premium except for maternity cover. But premiums charged for people who are addicted to tobacco could be almost 35 % higher than those charged for other buyers.
Most of the family healthcare coverage providers insure buyer’s children if they are below 23 years in age and are enrolled as students in college on a full-time basis. if that is not the case, children will have to get their personal health insurance after they attain the age of 18 years.
A short term health insurance policy is a temporary healthcare cover that can be granted for a time period ranging from 1 day to 28 days or from one month to 12 months. The underwriting processes involved in getting such type of a health insurance policy could be much shorter.
A health insurance policy covers different aspects such as regular health checkups, preventive care services, medical and hospital bills, etc. However, before you are out to research different healthcare options, it could be vital for you to state your specific type of health insurance needs and budget to various insurers.
Yes, under federal rules and regulations, health insurance providers to provide coverage for covering emergency care services to buyers regardless of whether a hospital is within their network or not. In addition, there can be no co-pay or co-insurance requirement for granting comprehensive type healthcare coverage in health insurance plans.
Online health insurance shopping procedures are totally safe and secure. As a result, you need to be rest assured as your personal or family information will be stored with a high degree of security. No unauthorized person can ever access client details as the online application system is SSL encrypted.

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