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What Exactly Is A Group Health Insurance Policy? Just Find Out

A group health insurance policy is a healthcare cover that offers coverage to a selected group of persons. Usually, such health insurance plans serve as benefits to employees from employers and have uniform features meaning thereby that benefits provided to all employees will be same.

List of Features Provided by our Low Cost Group Health Insurance Quotes Online

There could be variety of group health insurance plans that are being made available in the market. Here is a list of some common features in most group health insurance plans.

  • Group health insurance providers normally provide medical benefits to policyholder, spouse, children as well as dependent parents.
  • Some insurers may also grant coverage for maternity related issues as well as to people who have some pre-existing medical conditions.
  • If you buy group health insurance, it will pay expenses for hospitals within insurer’s network.
  • group plan health insurance may also offer coverage for private ambulance services.
  • Reimbursements of fees for regular check-ups with specialists or medical practitioners can be a feature with some group plans for health insurance.

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Some Important Information Relating To Group Health Insurance Plan Types

The main advantage of getting healthcare coverage from group health insurance companies is that such a proposition enables employer to provide financial protection to employees at significantly reduced costs. Nevertheless, health insurance group can be purchased by organizations in several different forms online. Some of these are as mentioned below

Fully insured employer group:

Employer and group health insurance provider sign contract for covering group of employees against some major medical expenses or for Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) coverage.

Small employer group:

In this type of a healthcare cover, group health insurance providers form a group by clubbing some industries or small businesses for forming a large group to offer similar coverage.

Large employer group:

Process is very much similar to the one involved in fully insured employer group wherein employer and group health insurance company sign contract and insurer issues certificates to individual group member.

Association group:

Members of some specific association or credit card company can get such type of a low cost group coverage health insurance, the process is very much like the one involved in the fully insured employer group.

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Benefits Offered By The Best Group Health Insurance Quotes

  • Offers additional healthcare coverage for employees over and above their individual or family health insurance policies.

  • In some cases, employees can even avail of maternity benefits within specified limits.

  • Employees are not required to undergo any medical check-ups and coverage is effective right from day 1.

  • health insurance group plans are much cheaper than individual health insurance plans and so premiums charged are also lower.

  • A group health insurance coverage are normally offered to employees working in a company or members of organization.

  • Pre-existing health conditions may be covered by some group medical insurance plans.

  • Insurers do not deny health coverage to employees on account of their age and medical history.

Locate The Best Group Health Insurance Plans For Smaller Businesses

These days you can even find companies which provide group health insurance for small business firms that employ less than 50 employees. Despite not being a statutory requirement under federal law, a small business owner can think of offering healthcare coverage to full time as well as part-time employees.

It could be vital for you to know that small business group health insurance coverage cannot be denied by healthcare insurers or HMOs to small businesses just because of employees’ health status. In addition, companies cannot increase premium rates for group health insurance small business covers by more than 15% each year.

About Getting Most Affordable Group Health Insurance For Large Businesses

Businesses with more than 50 employees can buy large employer business group medical insurance. However, if a large size business house opts for a HMO plan then law stipulates that the HMO must offer a point of service option.

Besides, like comprehensive healthcare covers,self-employed health insurance, group health insurance plans for individuals working with large businesses must extend free coverage for preventive healthcare services. And companies cannot deny coverage just because employee has pre-existing medical conditions like blood pressure or diabetes.

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